Elevate your learning and development operations with Salalem's robust suite of features.

Our AI-Powered LMS is expertly designed to streamline the assessment, assignment, and tracking of all your training activities. Experience the convenience of having everything you need at your fingertips.

Transform the way you communicate and manage learning activities with Salalem’s Campaigns.
Our AI-Powered Authoring Tool coupled with our campaigns feature facilitates seamless training delivery by empowering you to assign assessments, courses, and workshops to various departments or teams. With our centralized system, tracking progress and analyzing results becomes a breeze.
Cultivate a Culture of Learning.
With Salalem, monitor your employees’ progress and achievements in real-time as they engage in AI-Powered Courses. Gain insights into the learning activities that resonate with your team and drive engagement.
Insightful Reporting and Progress Tracking.
Leverage Salalem's comprehensive reporting features to analyze employee engagement, completion rates, and performance. Export data-rich Excel sheets for further customization and in-depth analysis.
Engage and Incentivize through Gamification.
Salalem’s platform is adorned with gamified elements to captivate your employees during training. Our mobile app takes it a step further with AI-Powered Competitions, aiding you in identifying learning gaps while keeping your workforce motivated.
Streamline with Automated Triggers.
Utilize Salalem's Automated Triggers to craft custom rules for assigning learning materials, ensuring compliance and consistency, whether onboarding new talent or transitioning employees between departments.
Meet Learnie: Your Training and Learning AI Assistant
Experience the future of learning with Learnie, Salalem's AI Assistant that powers all AI operations. Learnie’s intelligence enhances the user experience by offering personalized learning paths, smart recommendations, and data-driven insights, ensuring that your training initiatives are not only effective but also innovative and engaging. With Learnie, you’re tapping into an ecosystem of learning that’s always evolving.
Tell us how can we be of value?

We are excited to work with you on creating a customized eLearning strategy that is tailored specifically for your company’s goals, all whilst meeting strict deadlines. Our careful planning and development mean that each individual training program or course is tailored to suit your needs.