Your learning and development operations are now backed by our features!

A full suite of features that are designed for you to successfully assess, assign, and track your learning and development training activities. All the features you need in one place!

Campaigns to communicate and assign your learning activities
Our training delivery is primarily run using our campaigns feature, which allows you to assign an assessment, course, workshop, whether it's offline or online, a simple way for managing training sessions across different groups or teams within your organization! Whether a department, a branch, or any human resources division at your organization. Our campaigns features will allow you to have all the needed information centered in one place to make it easier for you to follow up, track progress, and see results.
Turn Your Employees Into Learners
You can keep an eye on the progress and achievements of your employees as they participate in training plans. You'll also be able to see which learning activities are requested by your team and which has the highest engagement.
Reporting and progress tracking
Our system comes with built-in reporting features that would allow you to see your employees' engagement rate, completion rates, and grades per individual or campaign. You can also export detailed Excel Sheets that would give you the ability to customize the report as you wish.
Gamified and engaging experience
Our training delivery platform comes equipped with several gamified experiences that ensure your employees are engaged and incentivized during their training. Our mobile application also makes it possible for you to create competitions that help you map any learning gaps while keeping your employees incentivized.
Automated triggers
You can use our Automated Triggers feature to create custom rules to assign certain learning activities such as compliance-related material or your own internal policies, procedures, and products to new hires or for employees who move to another department.
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We are excited to work with you on creating a customized eLearning strategy that is tailored specifically for your company’s goals, all whilst meeting strict deadlines. Our careful planning and development mean that each individual training program or course is tailored to suit your needs.