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$10 / User / Month
*No credit card required
Up to 100 users
100 Free basic courses
1 New course per month
Free knowledgebase assignments
Customized certificates
Offline courses/Workshops management
Salalem Shorts
Training Programs
Teams/Departments training roles
Admins training
Engagement Metrics
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Business Plus
$12 / User / Month
*No credit card required
Up to 200 users
100 Free Basic Courses
2 New courses per month
Limited Salalem competitions
Direct manager engagement
Training calendar
Training portals
Custom reports
Priority support
Migration support
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Never run out of courses with our 100 Free Basic Courses! Get 4 new ones each month, unlimited salalem competitions custom made just for you and your business needs. We've also got you an advanced admin dashboard so that all the information is at hand when it comes time to take action or make decisions about what's working best and easiest!

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