Organizational and Corporate Training
A unified process to

Deliver organizational knowledge

to everyone

It may be hard to make sure all of your teams know what they need, yet organizational internal knowledge is invaluable. Salalem offers a solution by digitizing your existing material and ensuring a smooth transition of information for all employees across all teams and departments!

No more slides & PDF's

Salalem offers a revolutionary approach that equips your employees with the knowledge they need. By digitizing internal documents, manuals, policies, procedures, and products that help you convey that information. Salalem will ensure a smooth transfer of all knowledge to your existing employees and new hires! Start with the basics, there is nothing more important than your code of conduct, just provide us with the already existing material and watch it turn into an engaging eLearning course!

How does it work?

Just send us the boring documents!
Instructional Design
Our instructional designers will review and redesign your material.
Upload to Salalem
We will help you upload the newly created material to Salalem.
Assign those materials manually or through our automated training assignment features.

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Soft Skills and Personal Development
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Financial Literacy
Some people find managing their personal finances and debts a burden... but it doesn't have to be!