Salalem, The Future of Learning

An enterprise mobile and web platform to train and certify employees.


Salalem is an online platform for learning; we make learning easier through carefully designed online courses. Salalem partners with subject matter experts in each specialized domain in order to ensure courses are built and delivered by specialized professionals.

Learn and Retain More

Online learning reinforces information users learned previously, and can increase knowledge retention.

Learn 5 Times More

With e-learning, participants learn nearly 5 times more material without increasing learning time

Increase Productivity

Studies suggest e-learning can significantly increase the training speed and productivity of a workforce

25% Revenue Increase per Employee

Companies that use e-learning training courses increase revenue by 25% per employee.

Our Process

This outline is a general overview of our course creation process, we employ the highest standards in both our courses library and custom courses.

Content of our courses is written and reviewed by subject matter experts with solid industry expertise. Trainers work closely with our instructional designers to ensure the material is well structured to provide the most effective learning experience.

Courses are divided into learning objectives which are in turn linked with key definitions and questions. External links are also added to ensure learners have easy access for further readings. Each learning unit is composed of the learning outcomes, a carefully edited script for video recording, key definitions, external links and exercise questions. The full course ends with a final exam to assess the overall learning effectiveness.

We record the video and audio content for the course. Our instructors present the content, footage is edited and complemented with illustrations (text and animation) to ensure learning messages are well delivered.

We go through the courses (web and mobile apps) with a careful process in order to ensure that no errors have slipped through the previous review processes and that all course features function smoothly.

Once we are done with the QA phase, we add our courses to the library and grant access to subscribers. Custom courses are also published in this phase.

Our trainers are part of an ongoing network that helps us develop new programs and update our existing online courses regularly. We ensure that our content is always up to date especially when it comes to specific regulations covered in our courses.

Why Companies Need Us?

We help our clients cut costs and increase employee productivity through our training approach. We provide a unique training and e-learning experience, and a library of both high quality standardized and custom courses created by our network of subject matter experts.

Our E-learning Approach and Experience

  • Step-By-Step

    Starting from the basics of the topic to highly specialized and technical content.

  • Bite Size

    Topics are divided into smaller, smoothly flowing subtopics to ensure simplicity.

  • Efficient

    Topics are covered in short videos to grasp information in the fastest time possible.

  • Flexible

    E-learning gives the flexibility to learn anywhere and anytime at one’s convenience.

Mobile apps

Mobile devices are increasingly utilized to enable people access to whatever they want anywhere and anytime. Our mobile apps (for iOS and Android ) are designed to provide a seamless experience to your employees while taking the courses.

Training Departments

Gain full control of all the e-Learning courses and how they get assigned to employees in addition to full reporting capability on the progress and history of the employee training.

  • We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.

    Elliot Masie
  • People expect to be bored by e-learning, let’s show them it doesn’t have to be like that.

    Cammy Bean

Our Team

We’re a team who loves to create meaningful online experiences with innovative ideas.

Zaid Masri,CFA Co-Founder and CEO

Firas Al Kafri Co-Founder and CTO

Ahmad Hourani Software Engineer

Samar Al Fazza Instructional Designer

Souad Hobeika Product Manager

Mamdouh Saraireh Software Engineer

Our Trainers

Our trainers are specialized experts who are carefully selected with high levels of experience.

Ali Atiyeh Former Regional Head of Centralized Trade Finance Services - Arab Bank GCC

Suheil Hanna Former Vice President - Citi Bank - Jordan

Ahmad Tarteer Head of Compliance and AML - Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank

Adnan Naji Assistant Executive Manager - Central Bank of Jordan

Ismail Al-Bahri Head of Internal Audit - National Bank of Kuwait - Jordan

Ibrahim Hasnawi Former Head of Commercial Unit – Kuwait Finance House

Farid Hirzalla Credit Manager, Corporate Credit Unit – Jordan Kuwait Bank

Qais Hamdan, CISA, CISM Senior Controller - Information System Audit - Dubai Government - Financial Control Department

Maen Hazeem Senior Manager, Head of Operational Risk Unit – Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank

Nihad Maraqa Former Deputy General Manager - Islamic International Arab Bank

Dia’ Qteish Ethics Trainer - Institute of Banking Studies - Jordan

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