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Salalem is an innovative Al-powered training solutions company that revolutionizes corporate learning established in 2016. By offering a comprehensive suite including an LMS, Course Authoring Tool, Customer Education Platform, and Gamified Learning, Salalem ensures significant ROI by automating processes, reducing costs, and enhancing training results. With a unique course library and tailored course digitization and creation services, Salalem is the key to unlocking your company's full potential.

Salalem aims to shape the future of corporate learning by seamlessly merging technology and education, unlocking potential in every organization.
Salalem is dedicated to providing businesses with intelligent, AI-driven training solutions that foster innovation, growth, and success.

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Organizations need to adapt and evolve with market trends. Every single day new job skills are required, and others become obsolete as technology continues forward. Investing in your workforce has become key to managing performance and organizational goals. Salalem's AI-Powered eLearning solutions leverage technology to prepare you for TODAY! Whether reskilling, upskilling, or onboarding your workforce, our state-of-the-art AI-powered technology as well as our team of experts help organizations drive growth through a strategic approach to development and training programs tailored specifically for each organization’s needs.

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Diala Ajlouni
Director,Learning & Development/ Bank al Etihad
When we first approached Salalem we were so much in need for a flexible e- Learning system that could cover most of our needs, which we luckily found while using it. Salalem is a user friendly platform that has a good and clear reporting system, very good features that covers our needs especially the bespoke training. The amazing and collaborative team with outstanding service and maintenance was a great help throughout the implementation phase which made it easy and fast as we had the team’s support 24/7.

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We know that the employee learning and development process is not an easy task! We believe that with the right tools, implementing effective employee training can be made easy.

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