Mandatory Training Data Disclosure as per MHRS Directive

Manage Your Training Operations and Seamlessly Disclose Training Data to HRSD

Enhance the Quality and Efficiency of Training Programs in an Innovative Way and Focus on Developing Human Resources, Not Logistics and Operations

Comprehensive Learning Management System Compliant with Training Data Disclosure Regulations

Salalem offers you a comprehensive Learning Management System for all training activities, compliant with training data disclosure regulations. Whether it's online training, workshops, lectures, seminars, or career and professional mentorship programs, inside or outside the organization, you can unify all your training activities on a single platform.
Create, Manage, and Track Both Online and Offline Training Courses
Customized Training Plans and Comprehensive Reports to Monitor Trainee Progress
Full Compliance with Training Data Disclosure Regulations
Course and Content Authoring Tools
Realtime Reports for Continuous Progress Tracking of Training Programs
An LMS & Platform That is Agnostic to Training Type
Launch a wide range of training programs types in your organization and stay compliant with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development's training data disclosure requirements. Utilize Salalem's comprehensive training system powered by AI and interactive learning. Join leading organizations that trust "Salalem" to achieve unparalleled efficiency and adherence to regulations.
Training and Development Management Service
Salalem's Training and Development Management Service facilitates your annual training management with ease. We execute your annual training plan with precision, tailoring appropriate training materials for your employees. Our service includes providing detailed reports to ensure you stay informed and in control. Leave the logistical aspects of your learning and development program to us, enabling you to focus on your core business activities.
Instructional Designer Expert Service
Enhance your team's expertise with Salalem's Instructional Design Expert Service. Our training and content specialists seamlessly integrate with your team to analyze and transform your organizational knowledge base into captivating and engaging educational materials. Whether you need exam design, specialized training content creation, or even the development of a custom internal survey, our experts are equipped to provide precise and effective solutions.
Learning and Development Consultant Service
We guide companies through the complexities of learning and development using our specialized experts. We provide tailored guidance on learning and development requirements, training needs analysis, and competency mapping. Our consultants are dedicated to enhancing your team's learning experience, ensuring that your training initiatives are effective and aligned with your strategic goals. Join us to experience a smarter approach to learning and development.
Custom Course Development Services
We understand that every organization is unique and requires custom training solutions tailored to its specific needs. With our Custom Course Development Services, you can design and develop interactive training content that perfectly aligns with your goals and requirements. Whether you aim to enhance your team’s skills, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, or develop advanced educational programs, our team of experts works closely with you to build or transform traditional training materials into dynamic and engaging learning experiences that improve employee performance and boost productivity.
Time and Effort Savings:
Thanks to our AI-powered integrated solutions, you can save time and effort while documenting training data continuously, allowing you to focus on developing your workforce, improving their performance, and complying with training data disclosure regulations simultaneously.

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