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We are your Learning and Development partner

Harness the power of eLearning to upskill your workforce from onboarding new hires all the way through developing current staff members in a positive lifelong learning enviroment.
Organizations use Salalem to train smarter, not harder.

Learning experience that makes an upgrade to your L&D operations

Assess your employees skillsets, close knowledge gaps and get new hires up to speed with our Learning Experience Platform. We offer you several use cases that can help meet your TNA goals for Learning & Development needs analysis (TNA) using Salalem:
  • Content digitization and customization
  • Training campaigns for training delivery
  • Learners managment, reporting, and tracking for personalized training plans
  • Gamified and engaging learning experience
  • Knowledge base materials such as manuals for processes, policies, procedures, and products

    Stay in control of your learning & development operations

    We are here to help learning and development personnel and training managers stay in control while executing the necessary training plans for their organizations. Salalem is the right solution no matter what size company's budget or timeframe! We provide eLearning solutions that allow you track progress evaluate using a combination of content and easy to use technology

    Gamified micro-learning experience

    Applying gaming formats and tactics to training programs makes learning more fun, rewarding and immersive, resulting in higher uptake and ongoing participation. while microlearning allows users to learn skills and ideas more efficiently. It involves stripping down content or information into smaller, focused lessons so you can absorb what’s being taught in just one small portion. It’s an excellent tool for increasing engagement and retention of information.

    Salalem in numbers

    We know that employee learning and development is not an easy task! Let us help you close knowledge gaps, assess your employees’ skillsets.

    Micro-Learning Based Videos
    Certificates Issued
    Learning & Development Solution
    Training Hours

    eLearning solutions

    eLearning Platform
    Cloud based Learning Management system
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    Content Digitization
    Training materials and programs are easily converted into learning
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    eLearning Consultation
    Involved in every step of the process, from ideation to planning and execution
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    Let's grow your business together

    Deliver online training courses
    Training strategies learning experience
    Personalized course creation.
    Personalized subscription plans
    Largest Arabic digitized content

    Tell us how can we be of value?

    We are excited to work with you on creating a customised eLearning strategy that is tailored specifically for your company’s goals, all whilst meeting strict deadlines. Our careful planning and development means that each individual training program or course is tailored to suit your needs.