Mobile App Guide

This is your go-to guide for everything you need to know about Salalem’s Mobile App.

Assignments and Learning Activities

Watching a Course on Salalem

To watch any course on the app, your training admin will assign you to that course, to see what courses you have been assigned. Go to the assignments tab, and click on the course to start watching.

For every course you pass, you will receive a certificate that you can share with other people to showcase your knowledge.


1- Resubmitted: If you have failed a course but you have more than one attempt, the course’s status will be “Resubmitted”, this means you need to retake the course and pass the exam.

2- Failed: If you have failed every attempt you have been originally given by your admin, you may request a new attempt from your training admin to get a new chance at passing the course! This has to be completed within the timeline allocated for the course.

3- Overdue: This means you have missed the deadline for the completion of the course. You may “Request an Extension” from your training admin, provided you have a valid reason but you must try not to miss the new deadline. Your training admin may only only grant you one chance during the program to request for an extension for overdue courses as it is essential to stick to the timelines.

4- Active: If a course is active, then you need to get moving and start watching the course, no time to waste!

5- Upcoming: upcoming courses are courses that you have been assigned but they fall in your future training plan, look for the starting date so you don’t miss it.

6- Completed: completed courses are courses that have no exam and you have completed successfully with approval of your instructor, don’t forget to “Mark as completed” any course that does not have an exam before the submission deadline.

7- Passed: Passed courses are your courses that you have successfully completed along with their exam, congratulations!

When watching courses, you might be tempted to skip part of the course, but this means you will miss out on reward points that you get when you read the learning objectives, watch the video, answer popup and exercise questions correctly. This will also affect the progress rate that your admin will see.


Our exams are tools to measure your progress and knowledge. There are two types of Exams in Salalem:

The first is an exam that follows a structured course related to it, you finish the course and can start taking the exam related to it directly afterwards. You also may be assigned to an exam that is meant to evaluate your knowledge in a specific subject without it being connected to a course.

Salalem also offers proctored exams, where you might have to provide a picture of your face and an official ID to be able to continue to the exam. Like courses, if you fail or miss an exam, you may request an attempt or an extension, but you have to wait an hour before you can retry, provided your training admin approves your request, take that time to revise and make sure you are ready for the exam.

Training Programs

Training programs are a structured learning activity that has a group of sections, each of these sections can have multiple courses and exams.

To complete a training program you must pass all the items inside that training program during their assigned time, if you fail or miss a course or an exam you can request an attempt or an extension for each failed or missed activity individually.

Keep an eye on your notification center and your active courses, exams or training programs assignments to see any new activities that you have to complete. 


Competitions are the new revolutionary education tool, bending the traditional ways of learning, competitions use questions and gamification to teach you new subjects. A competition can have between 10-20 questions, each question is timed individually, and you cannot fail or pass a competition, you must instead strive to get the highest possible points. For every correct answer, you get 10 XP points!

Time bonus: You get the highest possible points in competitions by answering questions quickly, you get 2 bonus experience points if you answer within the first 10 seconds, and you get 1 bonus experience point if you answer within the second 10 seconds.

Streaks: For every streak of questions you achieve, you will receive bonus experience points as well:

  1. If you answer 3 questions in a row, you will receive 5 extra experience points.
  2. If you answer 10 questions in a row, you will receive 10 extra experience point
  3. If you answer 5 questions in a row, you will receive 7 extra experience points.
  4. If you answer 20 questions in a row, you will receive 20 extra experience points!

Retake: Some competitions will allow you to try more than once to get as many correct questions as possible. This is a great learning opportunity, but it comes at a price, each time you retake a competition or leave a competition and get back to it you will lose on of the 5 hearts that you have. Don’t worry, one heart regenerates each hour.

Competition Leaderboard: Before you decide to retake a competition, take a look at the competition leaderboard to see how far along you are compared to your fellow learner, and don’t forget to see where it went wrong by viewing the questions you answered wrong in the competition report page.



The leaderboard is yours and your admin’s reference point to view how you stack up against your fellow learners, but do not panic, here is the easiest guide to get points to get to the number 1 position on the leaderboard.

Experience Points

In courses, you get points for reading the learning objectives, watching the videos and answering popup and exercise questions correctly.

It is much easier to get points in competitions. In competitions, you get points for every correct answer, for every streak of correct questions, and for every time you answer the question as fast as possible, the faster you answer it the more points you will get. You will also receive a bonus each time you take a competition for the first time, retaking the competition might increase the total of points you get, but there is no guarantee as you will lose the first time bonus; Either way you won’t lose any points by trying again, so give it a go.

In exams, we encourage you to take your time answering the questions and submitting them before time runs out so you can get the most points for the most correct answers you do submit.


Badges are your personal deck of achievements, gather points to collect our (100XP, 200 XP, 500 XP, 1000 XP, 2000 XP, 5000 XP) badges and much more badges to come to crown your learning milestones.


For every challenge you enter you will receive one medal to reward your adventurous spirit.


Salalem has curated 100 courses available in English and Arabic covering necessary skills in personal development, soft skills, Digital Literacy, Financial Literacy and much more. If you are interested in a course that you have not been assigned, simply go to the Discover tab and send a request to your training admin and a message to convince your admin why you need that course.

You can easily access the history of all your previous requests in the discover tab.

Pending requests are received but not yet approved by the training admin.

Rejected requests were received and rejected by your training admin, but don’t worry you can easily request the course again, and try to convince your admin this time around!

Approved requests are automatically added to your assignments list.